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Andrew Beale promises a unique guided tour of Beale Arboretum this spring.

Spring has truly blossomed at West Lodge Park, and for lovers of natural beauty, that means only one thing – the Beale Arboretum is coming into its full splendour – and it’s a sight not to be missed!  Join Andrew Beale as he gives you the opportunity to accompany him for a guided tour of the 35-acre grounds. Visitors will get to experience some of the lesser-known specimens nestled amongst the arboretum’s 4,500+ trees, and Andrew promises some incredible insights about the rich heritage and history of the 35-acre site. With lunch or afternoon tea included in the package, this is an event not to be missed.

A historic site of natural beauty right here in North London.

The Beale Arboretum was established in 1963 by Edward Beale, along with RHS Wisley Director Frank Knight, and GLC tree consultant Derek Honour. In the nearly six decades since, the mantle of tending the grounds has been passed down three generations of Beales, who have diligently widened the incredible range of trees throughout the arboretum. 

For Andrew Beale, leading the arboretum gardening team is truly a labour of love. And he’s dedicated to continuing the work Edward started. Under his guidance, the tree collection has expanded to over 800 different species, from all corners of the world. Visitors will find Plant Heritage national collections of Swamp Cypress and Hornbeams, alongside a host of prize-winning trees, and an incredible range of shrubs.

The gardening team have worked hard over the winter to prepare the grounds for the first shoots of spring. As Andrew says: “The arboretum’s character changes with ever season, but for me it’s at its loveliest when the sharp outlines of winter branches start to vanish, and we get the spectacular colour and blossom on show. I can’t wait to give our visitors a personal tour of what we have here.”

Acres of beauty.

Over the years, the arboretum has enjoyed some amazing publicity, with features in the likes of The Times, The Sunday Express, Country Life, Gardener’s World, The New York Times, The Radio Times and The Royal Horticultural Society Journal. However, all the column inches and glossy photographs could never do the true splendour of the grounds the justice they deserve. The best way to experience the full sensory experience of Beale Arboretum is to come and visit Beale Arboretum yourself, and the best time is early Spring.

The arboretum is open all year around, and West Lodge Park residents and conference guests can enjoy free entry. Day visitors are welcome to explore the grounds, with tickets priced at £3.50 for adults, and free entry for children. However, drop into the hotel bar, lounge or restaurant for a drink or food during your visit, and we’ll deduct your admission fee from you bill.

Of course, for those looking to get the best perspective on Beale Arboretum, we heartily recommend joining Andrew for a guided tour of the grounds. His passion for the past, present and future of the 35-acre site is truly infectious, and he loves to give visitors the opportunity to experience some of the amazing sights that regular visitors sometimes overlook.

With the option of lunch before the 90-minute guided tour, or afternoon tea later on in the Mary Beale Restaurant, what better way to usher in spring than a visit to Beale Arboretum?

Book your place on the Beale Arboretum Tour here.

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